December 7, 2013

Meiko's Chaos Dwarf Team of Franarcilla already on Indiegogo!!!

Chaos Dwarf Team - Meiko Miniatures

The price of this Chaos Dwarf Team will be lower for all the the campaign backers than for someone who buys on general release.

So all the levels enjoy a discount compared to the retail price that these items will have when they will be released once the Indiegogo campaign is over.

We also offer custumized Chaos Dwarf Plastic Gaming Mats, Chaos Dwarf Range Rulers, Dice Bags, Chaos Dwarves Block Dice and much more...

Also, there is a special discount for the 30 first Perks of Level 10 and for the 30 first Perks of Level 12. What are you waiting for?

Free shipping worldwide for all the campaign backers!

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Chaos Dwarf Team - Meiko Miniatures